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Missile Attack Protocols

As a state agency, our Department of Education (DOE) has met with HI-EMA to discuss our proper actions when sirens sound "Attack Warning" is signaled.  The proper emergency action is to Shelter-in-Place.  When sheltering in place, the following actions should be done:
    1.  Identify safe areas in each school building.
    2.  Issue sheltering  alert.
    3.  Direct students, staff and visitors to pre-determined safe areas or rooms.
    4.  Account for all students after arriving in safe area.
    5.  Do not allow outside air to mix with inside air where mechanical ventilation systems are used.  Shut  down air conditioning units.
    6.  Close all exterior doors and windows.
    7.  Use plastic sheeting, wet cloths, and duct tape, etc, to seal windows, cracks, etc., to minimize indoor air contamination.
    8.  Ensure all persons remain in safe areas until "all clear" is given by Administrator or emergency responders.
For parents, it is equally important that they immediately shelter-in-place and take cover as well whether at home, work, shopping, etc.  Please emphasize that it is also important that they stay off the streets and remain sheltered until HI-EMA has declared "all clear."  Doing this will minimize potential radiation exposure as well as ensure our roads and highways are clear to allow first responders and various Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and US Army Civil Support Teams (CST) to perform life-saving and post-attack reconnaissance actions.
I sincerely hope that this information is helpful.  We will certainly let everyone know if there any changes to the current conditions.  Please feel free to contact Ms. Orasa Fernandez, Safety/Security Specialist, or Mr. Maynard "Max" Mendoza, Director of Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Branch, at (808) 586-3457, or via Lotus Notes, if there are any other questions.  
Thank you very much for your assistance and support.

Dann S. Carlson
Assistant Superintendent
Office of School Facilities and Support Services
784-5000 (o)
594-2906 (c)